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Helicopter and private jet

Among all means of transportation, helicopter and private jet always mean luxury and comfort. It is something Voyages Confidentiels has in mind and that is the reason why we give our clients the opportunity to discover the joy of a ride in a helicopter or a private jet for all of your meaningful events: high-end journeys, luxury travels, business trips… We are able to get you in touch with a network of professionals or partner agents guaranteeing you any time you need private, privileged and high-end services.


Voyages Confidentiels is an expert in tailored-made luxury travels and we offer to discover stunning places within luxury travels in helicopter or private jet.


Choosing a helicopter or a private jet ride as an activity will be a great way to discover the outstanding landscapes of your luxury travel destination under a new look. Depending on your wishes, you will get the opportunity to discover very different landscapes. You will bet on adventures by choosing initiation classes. The most adventurous people will discover rare and removed destinations only accessible with a helicopter.


Through Voyages Confidentiels, you can also decide to rent a private jet. This is the perfect mean of transportation for any business trip or leisure travel.


Quality is one of Voyages Confidentiels greatest asset and we select our luxury travel in private jet with great care so we can guarantee you the highest level of comfort and modernity for your unforgettable holidays. The crew on board will make your luxury travel in private jet one to be remembered!


Getting anything you wish only for yourself is the main advantage of a luxury travel including a private jet rental: no need to wait at the airport, everything is ready for you on only for you…


It is a tremendous way to save time and increase your comfort…


Our luxury travels including a private jet rental for your professional events are a great solution for short distance trips. A private jet is not as comfortable and profitable for long-haul flights. Thus, Voyages Confidentiels will give you the best advice you need to choose between private jet rental and a first class flight your high-end business trip.


Voyages Confidentiels is your preferred interlocutor for a private jet rental. Please, feel free to contact us for any private jet rental and we will find the bets slot and best prices so your private jet trip will be a perfect moment of exception.


Voyages Confidentiels is your specialist for any helicopter or private jet rental.