Luxury travel France DMC
Luxury travel France
Luxury travel DMC
Luxury travel designer France
Luxury DMC France
Luxury travel France DMC
Luxury travel France
Luxury travel Paris
Luxury travel France DMC

Collection of luxury travel

Luxury Travel Collection

Voyages Confidentiels offers you a collection of tailored-made luxury travels in France. A whole bunch of destinations are expecting you in this country. You will discover outstanding landscapes and sites of exception.


Our collection of luxury travels in France allows you to customize your own trip with personalized itineraries and activities selected with great care. Thanks to our team of experts, we provide you with a tailored-made luxury travel that will surely remains an unforgettable moment.


The expertise of our team of professionals secures an all-comfort journey for you and your relatives. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, as a family or with friends, our collection of luxury travels will offer you terrific sceneries and prime activities to spend an unforgettable moment.


Our collection of luxury travels in France includes more than tailored-made family travels. We also offer luxury themed travels or specific events such as professional events or personal events of a high importance.


For professional clients, our collection of tailored-made luxury travels offers to be in charge of the whole organization of your business trip by not only renting a private jet – or any other transportation needed – but also by booking a top of the range accommodation with personalized activities and an access to any equipment needed to ensure your event is running smoothly.


Thanks to a faultless logistic and an omnipresent concierge, Voyages Confidentiels will manage to organise a luxury business trip perfect for wellness and work that will favour the durability of your company.


Nevertheless, our collection of luxury travels includes more than professional events. To join you further and further with your desire of escape and exceptionality, Voyages Confidentiels offers you to organise your honeymoon. No matter what your expectations or needs are, France is a dream destination for your honeymoon. The multiple high-end palaces, the gastronomic restaurants and the international cities of France will enhance your stay with several highlights. You will discover romanticism in Paris as well as its secrets, its history and the diversity of its streets. From the trendy bar to the bohemian square and the street of the artists in Montmartre, our luxury travels in Paris will provide you a real change of scene during your honeymoon that, as a couple, you will truly enjoy.


No matter what your wishes are and no matter what your needs are, our collection of luxury travels in France will enhance every single moment of your stay so you have the time of your life, whether you are travelling alone or with company.