Corsica Travel Luxury

Corsica Travel Luxury

VoyagesConfidentiels offers you a true favorite with its luxury travel in Corsica.


Our luxury travels in Corsica allow you to discover this beautiful island and its breathtaking landscapes. Lulled by the Mediterranean sun, you will fill yourself up with light and paradisiacal sceneries throughout your journey. This island, apparently quite small, provides a real diversity of landscapes and activities. The surface gives the chance to explore easily every corner of the island. From its picturesque fishermen villages to its wonderful white sandy beaches, Corsica will definitely break your habits.


Our luxury travels in Corsica will make you discover this outstanding island throughout numerous luxury hotels, starred gastronomic hotels and removed natural places. Our addresses, selected with great care, will help you to discover the island with a certain amount of intimacy and far from the sites jammed with tourists. Nature lovers will enjoy our luxury travels in Corsica by discovering the natural patrimony of the island and the areas protected from all human constructions. Hosted in a luxury villa or cottage into the wild, our luxury travels in Corsica will offer the best environment possible to make a unique and tailored-made travel.


For Mediterranean coast lovers, our luxury travels in Corsica offer to stay in a private apartment or a villa by the beach so you can make the most of the white sandy beaches and the shadow of the palm trees so you can recharge your batteries in an intimate setting.


Among all the activities suggested in our luxury travels in Corsica, you will be able to discover, depending on your mood, the historical cities of the island, visit the marina or devote yourself to any kind of water-based activities. For the most adventurous ones, what about breathing the heady smell of the jungle? Or pierce the secrets of the sanctuary city of Calvi? Any choice you will make throughout your stay will allow you to discover the diversity of the astonishing landscapes of Corsica. We bet you are going to fall in love with this beautiful island.


During your luxury travel in Corsica, enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and go for a scuba-diving cruise to discover a rich and exceptional under-water life. Near Bonifacio, experts will help you to discover one of the most recommended sites in Europe to explore the bottom of the world. You will discover a real natural paradise, fully protected.


Our luxury travels in Corsica are suitable for any kind of temper and we are willing to offer you an unforgettable trip on an extraordinary island. Hosted in the greatest luxury hotels, you will discover natural life and quietness to have a real revitalizing stay.